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“Do with excellence”

More than delivering quality products, “doing with excellence” is overcoming. Surpassing technological, market and future challenges.

In this process, innovation is an indispensable item and proceeds together with Anjo as part of its DNA, reflected in each contact point of the brand.

Whether in the relationship with our resellers, in delivery logistics, in creating new products or in a simple survey for a paint on the Internet. What is new appears as the driving force in the search for good results. This search which continues aligned with the commitment of working for an environment balanced between community, market and ecological issues.

Thus, Anjo continues to be one of the largest paint brands in the country, restating that with doing excellence, is not only doing but going beyond.

Quality Policy

Exceed customer expectations by providing durable, innovative and sustainable relationships and products; complying with the law applicable to the business and continuously improving its processes, products and services.


Provide durable products and relationships with flexibility, innovation and sustainability.


  • Ethical, innovative, participative and accessible management.
  • Commitment to community and environment.
  • The market guides our actions.
  • We listen to professionals, customers and suppliers.
  • Health and safety of our professionals.
  • Property security.
  • Continuous improvement of processes, products and services.
  • Profit and financial health.
  • Reinvestment of profits and profit sharing.