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Anjo Store and Concept Space

Strengthening both relationships and brand

The point of sale is one of the contact channels of the brand capable of providing an incredible experience for consumers. This is why Anjo invests in Stores and Concept Spaces in partnership with its customers, getting closer to the end customer and strengthening its brand. All this, aiming at providing an exclusive service for companies, stores, architects, decorators, engineers and painters.

In Brazil, Anjo already has several Concept Stores with differentiated furniture for each storekeeper, to provide an incredible visual experience for the customers. The stores can be exclusive of the real estate or automotive line and with this idea the Anjo brand flees from the traditional standard of a paint store, leaving its brand presentable in an organized way.

The Concept Spaces are for the customers that want to invest in an exclusive space for the Anjo brand, giving visibility to the products and increasing consumer interest. It is a way of differentiating itself in the market constantly approaching the consumers of the brand, giving the partner storekeepers greater opportunity and improving the service of those wanting to buy Anjo products.