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Eco-efficient Products

Eco-efficient means using current technology to provide products with less impact on life. Anjo seeks eco-sustainability, which is why its actions and products are developed with the concern of respecting the environment. According to this principle, it has in the market products with the Eco-efficient Seal, developed with raw material from renewable sources, less quantity of solvents in the formula and less emission of pollutants in the atmosphere. Each one of the products has specific indications and features, able to replace some which are already in the market.

What is the proposal of Anjo’s eco-efficient products?

  • Reducing by 50% to 80% the pollutants in the atmosphere, measured by index MIR and adopted by EPA.
  • Not using aromatic solvents, products which attack the central nervous system (CNS).
  • Collaborating with the planet, developing products which reduce the environmental impact.
  • Making people aware of the importance of collaborating with conservation of the environment.
Thinner Eco

Each Thinner Eco has an indication appropriate to a determined process.

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Besides the thinners losing the hallucinogenic effect, 40% of the raw materials are from renewable sources.

We believe in the process of collaborating with the environment, and that is why we seek to develop products of quality and efficiency, reducing the use of polluting agents.

This is the awareness that Anjo wants to transmit to its employees and customers.

Ecological Awareness

We offer products to consumers concerned about the environment, so that each person can collaborate with conservation of the planet.

Other Eco Products

In addition to Thinners, Angel offers more sustainable options in the print, recycled, Building and Construction Line, and blurb industries. Check it out next door.

  • Rubberized Paint It is a water-based product, indicated for roofs and external and internal walls. It has both thermal and acoustic reduction, confirmed by UFSC.
  • Ink for Printing Free of heavy metals. The benefit stretched from the professionals of Anjo to the end consumer.
  • Recycled Ink Made with paint lees that would be disposed of in an industrial landfill. It has a 75% recycled content.
  • Building and Construction Line Acrylic Paints They have features of low odor and low VOC. An eco-efficient action of Anjo, concerned about innovating in a sustainable way.