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Environmental Management

It is a program which complies with the environmental legislation in force and furthers actions which make Anjo a socially and environmentally sustainable company. Anjo is committed to the environment.

An Eco-efficient Company

Anjo’s environmental concern is shown from its products onwards. They are the results of sustainable solutions founds, such as for example, Thinners Eco, to reduce by 80% the emission of pollutants in the atmosphere.

The Anjo Mais Premium Acrylic Paint has a yield of 80% more than the ordinary paints in the market. The Rubberized Paint, if applied to roofs, reduces by up to 3°C the heat in environments and provides better acoustic effect, reducing noise by up to five decibels.

Sustainable Measures

Below you can check out the processes adopted by Anjo to contribute to reducing the environmental impact. We are also a partner company with the environment.

  • Selective Collection of Residue

    All the residue generated is separated as per its classification, quantified and allocated for recycling, sanitary landfill or industrial landfill.

  • Effluent Treatment Plant

    All remaining water from equipment cleaning is treated, and used again for non-potable purposes in the industry itself, such as for use in toilets and gardening.

  • APP – Permanent Preservation Area

    Anjo has a permanent preservation area of 17,835 m², located in the printing unit. In this area native trees predominate.

  • Green Area

    A wood of 12 thousand m² with native trees and cataloguing of fauna and flora is locate in unit I of Anjo.

  • Solvent Treatment Plant

    All the solvents used for cleaning in the production of Anjo are treated and reused for cleaning.

  • Paint Sludge Treatment

    The paint sludge is used in manufacturing recycled paint and locksmith primer or disposed of in an industrial landfill.

  • Collection of household trash and cooking oil

    The four production units of Anjo have space for collection of household trash and cooking oil which the professionals can bring from home for recycling. This trash is collected by the City Hall and generated income for families who work in separating the trash. The cooking oil is sent to a licensed company.

  • Destination of fluorescent lamps and electronic equipment

    In partnership with Satc and Bairro da Juventude all this material is sent for disposal in an appropriate place and donation to technical work.

  • Allocation of Batteries

    Sent to an industrial landfill.