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Project Angels of Indoor Soccer

The Project Anjos do Futsal, created by Anjo Tintas (Anjo Paints), was implemented in April 2001. Currently it has 1,260 boys involved taking part in 25 centers in 20 municipalities in the south of Santa Catarina which are: Criciúma, Forquilhinha, Balneário Arroio do Silva, Balneário Gaivota, Balneário Rincão, Cocal do Sul, Ermo, Içara, Jacinto Machado, Lauro Müller, Meleiro, Morro da Fumaça, Orleans, Praia Grande, Santa Rosa do Sul, São João do Sul, Sombrio, Treviso, Turvo e Urussanga.


Remove children and adolescents from violence and drugs, teach the techniques of indoor soccer, encourage the practice of this sport and aid in forming citizens.