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Watercolors System

what is the watercolors system?

To aid the customer in choosing the perfect tone for each environment, Anjo developed the Watercolors system. Besides offering resources to attain exactly the color chosen, it brings a color chart within the trends most sought after throughout Brazil.

The best color selection on the market

With almost 2000 different color options, the range of the Watercolors system is the most complete one for choosing the right paint to use. Simple and with tone loyalty, it offers the perfect colors to test, renovate and also innovate also at home.


This system is similar to the systems already existing in the market, thereby providing greater facility in negotiation and reuse of equipment already existing.

Color comparison

Comparative software with the market colors, which besides comparing indicates which color possibilities of the Watercolors range are closest.


Environment simulator software easy and quick to use. The simulator functions from photos of the customers themselves.


All Anjo’s technology and knowledge in obtaining the right color already acknowledged by the market are applied in this system.

Best color selection in Brazil

Our range is the result of surveys made in all the regions of Brazil, so this selection is the one most desired by Brazilians.

Why choose the
Watercolors System?

As it is one of the most complete color systems, Anjo’s Watercolors ensures time saving and convenience for the customer, who can choose with precision the paint color (s)he wants to apply at home. Besides the huge color option, the equipment is validated and bears the well-known quality of Anju’s products. Acquire the system watercolors

Develop the Anjo’s champion sales paints!

Make your business grow with Anjo’s champion sales paints! Add Anjo’s most sold paints to your product mix and offer an even larger range of options to your customers, improving your business!

tintas anjo

Exclusive item of Anjo’s Watercolors system: you gain by investing!

Besides the technical support of specialized professionals, your business also receives the equipment of the system: dosers and stirrers, simulator and comparative software, identification materials, color catalogs and all the exclusive promotional material for the points of sale with the Watercolors system.

tintas anjo
  • 1 Leque
  • 1 Jaleco
  • 1 Practical Guide
  • 1 Software de Gerenciamento Aquarelas
  • 1 Background Panel
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