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Hyperion System

What is the Hyperion System?

Precision in colors has just attained a new level. Learn about HYPERION, the automotive tintometric system of Anjo. It was designed to offer absolute control over finishing, ensuring surfaces 100% compatible with the original painting. It assumes the control of color, dominating HYPERION.

The greatest precision of
colors in the market

HYPERION is a technological milestone which is raising the quality standard of the repainting market. Anjo used its experience in innovation to create a versatile and profitable system of the segment.


Everything which you expect from a system: easy to operate, simple to understand and perfect in manufacturing paint

Approved by time

Anjo has provided the market with innovating solutions for more than 30 years.

Digital disclosure

Who said that things could not be perfected? Contact us through WhatsApp and answer all your queries.

Fidelidade de Cores

The Hyperion system was conceived to have the greatest color assertiveness in the market.

Best color selection in Brazil

In the Hyperion system you will find the best selection of domestic and imported colors facilitating and bringing that which you really use in the day-to-day.

Why choose the
Hyperion System?

Does any more need to be said? With all these advantages, it is easy to identify why the Hyperion System is the best option in the market! But if any doubts remain, why not contact us?

Acquire the Hyperion System